Three vintage sports shirts stacked on top of each other.

Vintage Sports T-Shirts

Sports, from little league to professional team sports, sporting events and organizations, sports and related objects have become a dominant presence in the lives of billions of people worldwide. Keeping up with your favorite sports team or watching a historic game live or at the arena. Marking moments in your life, whether the sport was the ultimate purpose or the reason for gathering, sports have grown in size, scale, and global reach. And to further connect the people to the players and people to the team, official merchandise has been steadily produced. For example, at pretty old, there is a 1981 AFC Championship to celebrate the Bengals win to move on to Super Bowl XVI, the Bengals football franchise's first AFC victory, nicknamed “The Freezerbowl.” Vintage Bengals football sport shirt.Vintage 1981 Bengals Football AFC championship celebration tshirt.

Sports t-shirts are made for players, by professional teams, by professional sporting leagues, by official brands and merchandisers of the league. And since sports have captivated audiences for decades, it is no mystery that years worth of sports shirts should exist. Finding vintage shirts of your favorite teams or players is a rare find and will connect the wearer with thousands of fans and fellow sports enthusiasts when worn outside. Imagine wearing a 1994 Miami Dolphins shirt in Florida, the shirt referenced is on Pretty Old Clothing, it features a full Miami Dolphins spread (helmets, jerseys, team logo - the locker room to be precise). In golden thread the shirt reads Miami dolphins, dated in 1994, the official merchandise was produced by Nutmeg with the league trademark. Vintage Miami Dolphins sport shirts.Vintage 1994 Miami Dolphins tshirt hanging on a rack.

Sports t-shirts are a staple in the vintage clothing industry because they are readily accessible and possess preconceived connections with shoppers and wearers. With a large catalog of sports teams, a long history of famous players in every league, and fans to support official merchandise, there is also a large backlog of now vintage sports shirts. Check your closest, the shirt you got from your first live sporting event or the shirt you got as a kid that had your favorite player on it is probably now vintage. Vintage sports shirts are shirts that are at least 20 years old. From professional leagues to amatuer leagues, collegiate organizations, Olympic events, global cups or championship events, sports shirts are vast in number and span categories, players, and games. Pretty Old Clothing continues to find vintage sports shirts, such as the recently sold vintage Chicago Bears shirt.Vintage Chicago Bears football tshirt in gray on a hanger. Or the 47 Brand Chicago Cubs baseball shirt, not exactly vintage but far from new the buyer will watch the shirt turn vintage as they continue to enjoy the shirt.Y2k Chicago cubs tshirt in navy. Vintage sports t shirts connect you and others to moments, pastimes, and passions.