Phillip Lim trousers hanging on a clothing rack with lights pointed at the pants.

Phillip Lim Trousers

A person and a fashion label, the brand 3.1 Phillip Lim started in 2005. Co-founded by Wen Zhou and Phillip Lim, to deliver “cool, easy, chic” clothes to a global audience. Winning three CFDA awards over a 16 year span. Too young a label to have vintage pieces floating around the globe, Phillip Lim has become one of the largest and most influential designers active. Pieces produced throughout the years maintain their edge as well-made and abruptly stylish capsules of an idea. Which is why Pretty Old was overjoyed finding an old pair of 3.1 Phillip Lim trousers in a local Salvation Army. The trousers seem to capture the design sensibilities of a postal service uniform, with a cotton/wool/elastin construction, a seamless waist topped with a wool/cotton piping material that is repeated on the pocket seams and the sides of the legs. Finished off with intense metal teeth at the apex of the button fly.

Rare designer pants, 31philliplim RN#114776. In-between luxurious formal wear and casual pants fit for air forces and a t-shirt these trousers are pretty stylish. The crease along the front of the legs is pristine and the condition of the trousers in general is excellent. An interesting piece of clothing, dress them with a suit or sandals, the slacks will carry the show. Shop the look. Comment below the collection these trousers are from.