Painting warehouse walls for a photo studio setup.

Website Launch!

Welcome to our secondhand, vintage, recycled, used, antique, and old clothing store. Below is video of myself painting a corner of our warehouse to establish the photo studio space. Pretty Old Clothing is a vintage clothing online store that features broad ranges of secondhand and old clothes. Finding and promoting already made clothing. Nothing new, everything pretty. The website is a the main company platform and home for a community of environmentally conscious participants that love old clothes. Ask us questions or get in touch to talk about your last great vintage find.

Products, images, videos, and writings - the site is a creative experiment in the world of vintage fashion. Every piece is accurately described and displayed to make buying one-off items easy.

The Read menu on the website hosts two separate sections, and the "Updates" venue will serve as fast short-form communication with site-users and the general public. Clothing drops and inventory notices, site changes, company events, service changes, clothing features, and fun highlights will be posted here.

Sustainable Style - Pretty Cool.