Three Vintage Nascar shirts stacked on top of each other.

Vintage NASCAR Shirts

Lap One, Nascar (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) was founded in 1948 by Bill France Senior, and has developed into a auto racing sport chasing land speed records. With millions of fans, hundreds of tracks/arenas, seventeen professional teams, and a cup championship series. Nascar has been nurturing a strong fanbase and producing Nascar driven, team driven, and racer driven merchandise for decades. Fans regardless of age can find shirts and hats representing their favorite drivers, numbers, teams and races, although finding good condition official Nascar gear of the exact driver or team you are looking for is not always easy. Nascar transcended fandom, Nascar shirts are now a staple in streetwear outfits capitalized with vintage pieces. Nascar shirts often came in bright racing colors, red, orange, yellow and other track colors, making them a favorite amongst t-shirt collectors.

Pit stop, vintage Nascar shirts are any Nascar shirts made or dated in 2001 or earlier. Turn of the century Y2k shirts and 90s, 80s Nascar shirts are more readily available and the big names from the racing sport are accessible on vintage marketplaces and stores. Dale Earnhardt is a great example of Nascar fame, Dale Earnhardt became a well-known figure within Nascar as well as outside of their car, making their name and number synonymous with Nascar racing. For example, check out this 1990s vintage Dale Earnhardt shirt, it sold-out as quickly as we listed it, Dale Earnhardt Nascar vintage t-shirt.Dale Earnhardt Vintage Nascar shirt.

Or another example with only a racing number and its affiliated advertising partners and racing style. A vintage number 8 shirt from a Chase Authentics and Nascar collaboration, number 8 Budweiser shirt (number 8 grew in fame from the early Nascar days with Billy Carden and hall of fame 20-time winner Joe Weatherly). Number 8 later was Dale Earnhardt’s number and eventually his son, Dale Earnhardt Jr’s number. Check out the official Nascar collaboration shirt, vintage number 8 Nascar shirt.Vintage Nascar number 8 racing shirt.

And finally a Y2k Winner’s Circle Nascar shirt in bright orange. Made in 2005 the shirt will soon be considered vintage, the shirt represents and celebrates a Tony Stewart racing win from the Joe Gibbs Chevrolet racing team.Back of Y2k Tony Stewart 2005 orange shirt.Y2k Nascar Tony Stewart shirt, this t-shirt is still available on Pretty Old Clothing, but Nascar merchandise never lasts very long.

Last, Lap, Nascar merchandise has connected fans and racing enthusiasts with the organization and their favorite drivers for decades and vintage Nascar shirts are wearable evidence of love for the sport of auto-racing. Vintage nascar t-shirts are collectibles tied to a long-standing racing league and a sport of speed. Designs, numbers, teams, accolades and drivers make the content of Nascar shirts memorable and connected to their fans.