Size Guide

Sizing varies piece by piece. Vintage clothing is subject to differences based on the materials used and the year the piece was made, as well as how the piece was cared for. Each piece will be sized to general metrics on their respective product pages, supplemented by manufacturer sizing if applicable. Please email us at if you have any questions regarding sizing, before or after your purchase.

General sizing metrics provided

  • Chest (just under the armpit): A good clothing range is 2-8 inches larger than your naked measurement. Personal preference is not considered in this recommendation. Note: 2 inches may be tight-fitting while an 8 inch difference may be loose fitting.
  • Length (top of shoulder or collar to the hem): This is our measuring system, however your personal preferences make the final decision in this department.
  • Sleeve Length (shoulder to cuff): Relax your arm. We generally round sleeve length measurements down.
  • Shoulder (nape of neck [spine] to shoulder seam): This is how the shirt will drape on your body.
  • Waist (around your torso at belly-button level): Please measure this based on your personal preferences and wearing style/comfort.


Measure your feet with socks on, both length and width. We size footwear based on the manufacturer numbers, however when this is not applicable or sufficient we will also manually measure the width and length of the shoe/boot insole and outside construction. Please refer to the product specific descriptions available on each product page.


Dependent on the hat style, please refer to the individual product pages.

  • Hat circumference (along the liner “sweatband” of the hat): Using a flexible tape measure or string, make a ring from the back of your head to the center of your forehead, just above your eyebrows. (Hat sizes will be measured to within a ¼ inch.


Product specific sizing requirements apply; please refer to the individual product pages size guides.

Please contact us at with sizing questions before or after purchasing.