Y2k Clothes

Y2k clothes hung over a clothing rack.

Fashion trends of the late 1990s and the early 2000s wrapped up in clothing produced from 2000 to 2010. Y2k the year that almost did not exist on operating systems. Y2k fashion is a mixture of pop-culture and the blossoming digital-age. Reemerging today as a nostalgic aesthetic, focusing on loud colors, synthetic materials, and cropped cuts. Early 2000s clothing flooded 21st century malls and MTV music videos, and finding pieces from the decade is an enjoyable slice of life. The rise of nostalgic style on social media has highlighted the glamour of the early 2000s, bedazzled Blackberries, juicy tracksuits, saddle bags, fuzzy hats, shield sunglasses, boot-cut denim, velour, and leather blazers.

Early 2000s clothing is turning vintage, pieces made in 2001 or earlier are now technically vintage (20 years or older). Revival of y2k trends is in some part due to its recently qualified vintage status. Split between Depop and hashtags, popularity of the y2k aesthetic is apparent in the used clothing market. Y2k style is readily accessible in thrift stores and vintage shops, the pieces are still in great shape and can be as simple as a pair of Levi’s denim and a heathered grey t-shirt with a big belt and Nike air forces. Throw a leather jacket or suede coat on top and call it a night outfit. Dedication to the y2k look has caused people to resurface their old Nokia cell phones on social media and GameCube consoles at home. Holding your hair back with butterfly clips and space buns while glueing magazine cutouts onto construction paper with a portable radio cd and cassette player plugged in next to you.

However you style it, reusing old baguette bags, platform shoes and cropped shirts is beneficial to the world. Reusing clothing already in circulation and tapping into fashion trends of previous periods helps fuel the market for secondhand clothing. Y2k clothing reemerging in 2020 and 2021 is a fabulous way to recycle and dress stylishly. The influence of y2k fashion is reaching the beauty industry and shifting audience attention to glitter, pop and power. What to look for to find great y2k clothes; color, material and material combinations, brand, graphics and attitude.