Vintage Tommy Hilfiger shirts with tommy hilfiger h flag logo.

Vintage Tommy Hilfiger

Since 1985, Tommy Hilfiger has been delivering high quality “preppy with a twist” clothing in casually luxurious collections to a global audience. Growing to new heights, Tommy Hilfiger the brand expanded their collections and reach in the early 1990s. Popular fashion for formal and casual settings, Tommy Hilfiger was ultimately awarded Menswear Designer of the Year in 2005. Recognition for modernizing menswear was only a fraction of Tommy Hilfiger’s success, the brand went public in 1992, expanded into womenswear in 1996, and started opening retail stores in major metropolitan cities. Success largely attributed to well-positioned celebrity endorsement and influencer marketing. Focusing on music artists, Tommy Hilfiger worked with Aaliyah, P. Diddy, Coolio, and Snoop Dogg. Cementing Tommy Hilfiger amongst the fashion elite, with instantly recognizable brands, logos and styles.

Vintage Tommy Hilfiger is composed of the clothing items and styles that made Tommy Hilfiger into what it is today. Starting in 1985 there are (as of this article) only 16 years of vintage clothing so far and the early 90s is when Tommy Hilfiger stepped into the world stage of fashion. Producing some of their most iconic designs and doing so with quality materials. Vintage Tommy Hilfiger shirts for example are extremely comfortable and fit the wearer in a loosely tailored appeal that is for many the desired look. Vintage Tommy Hilfiger shirts are a great piece to dress up or down casual or formal outfits, matching dress pants with a casual Tommy button-down creates a dynamic outfit, ready for daily wear or nights out. Currently available on Pretty Old Clothing is an old olive green Tommy Hilfiger shirt, featuring the lion crest logo from the 90s. Olive green vintage Tommy Hilfiger button down shirt.

Worn with jeans or slacks, vintage Tommy Hilfiger creates thoughtful silhouettes and matches well with various fabrics and designs. Departing from the plain Tommy shirt linked above, we also have a quadruple stripe Y2k Tommy Hilfiger shirt that would create a memorable spark to casual outfits. Y2k cream colored striped Tommy Hilfiger shirt.

Along the lines of casual outfits, Pretty Old Clothing also has an altered crop top Tommy Hilfiger collared shirt in textured 100% cotton and a ribbed collar. Gray-blue colored cut crop top Tommy Hilfiger shirt.

The Tommy Hilfiger H flag logo has remained relatively unaltered since 1985 and continues to accentuate some of the most iconic design and style statement pieces of the last few decades. Vintage Hilfiger finds are a great addition to any vintage collection and are incredibly usable. Vintage clothing that you could wear day in and day out, old Tommy Hilfiger pieces are a great value for high quality design and manufacturing.