Fast fashion kills, bad taste obliterates and lack of transparency frustrates progress. From crop to closet, new clothes litter the world. Cheaply made, quickly designed units of pollution thrown-on then thrown-away. 85% of textile waste in the United States is burned or dumped in a landfill (EPA, 2018). As we see it, the world is on fire and dressing it in polyester is the kindling.

Sustainability stands for the effective use of resources to meet current societal needs, without compromising the inherent needs of future generations. With this as our definition, it is imperative we take action.


Nothing new, everything pretty, we source clothing from around the world. Focused on well-made style, we draw from the veritable mountains of clothes already in existence. Vintage, recently produced, and antique pieces, we collect an inventory of clothing without consuming more resources to make the clothes. Give more than you take.

Reducing textile waste by rescuing and reselling secondhand items. Outfitting the world in sustainable style, Pretty Old plans on becoming the world’s largest used clothing retailer. “Productive harmony” only works if the beneficiaries of production continue to use items for their full lifecycle. New clothes require massive amounts of resources to manufacture, while clothes that have already been made do not require any additional resources.


Pretty Old is an online retailer of used clothing. Our process consists of finding sellable clothes from a network of wholesalers, distribution centers, flea markets, and donation organizations, to sell on our digital marketplace. A sustainable solution to the abundance of clothes in circulation, buy used clothes; we sell durable fashion based in timeless design. A new wardrobe without waste.