90s Vintage Clothing

At its core, fashion in the 90s was underpinned by a freedom of choice, that is not to say that the decade was devoid of popular trends and influential style icons, it is merely to say that a multitude of designs and dress were active all at once. Immediately available from designers and department stores were garments ranging from baggy jeans to silk slip dresses. Ranging from small sunglasses and oversized hats, the world opened up to a rapidly evolving style ecosystem where multiple trends grew and fostered followings simultaneously. As such an environment, the 90s created thousands of designs, millions of outfit pairings, countless fashion ideas/looks to explore and billions of garments. January 1, 1990 to December 31, 1999. All pieces of clothing produced in the 90s are now formally declared “vintage.”

Vintage 90s clothing is a great decade for vintage collectors due to the wide range of designs and with its relatively new status as vintage it is often not as expensive and oftentimes in much better condition than garments produced in earlier decades. This is also exciting because a large percentage of vintage shoppers grew up or lived through the nineties so the clothing and style influences of the decade shaped their tastes and inspirations - and now they are in a position to purchase all of their favorite pieces from the 90s. And you can find a great deal of 90s clothing on Pretty Old Clothing (so you are in luck).

Retro Colorblock Windbreakers

Windbreakers became sportswear and streetwear staples in the 90s. With large blocks or sections of bright colors laid out in dramatic patterns to make pieces either baggy or technical. Windbreakers from the 90s usually consisted of bright orange, cyan, red, pink, black, yellow, green, and other similarly dramatic color schemes. Made of nylon, windbreakers are rain-resistant, warm in cold weather and breathable in the heat. Sportswear companies were the largest producers and promoters of windbreakers at the time as both athletic wear and daily streetwear, brands ranging from Nike, to Reebok, Asics, and a fleet of organizations that made official apparel during the 90s.


Vintage dungarees, their design and functionality became popular in the 90s. Denim overalls in blue jean denim was the standard look for overalls and plenty of vintage overalls from the 90s can be found in excellent condition.

Floral Dresses 

Granted, floral dresses have always been in vogue, the 90s saw a large development in the production of floral summer dresses, slip, midi and mini floral dresses. Finding good condition floral dresses from the 90s is a great joy and Pretty Old Clothing seeks out floral patterns from the 1990s.


Trousers, hats, jackets, heavy shirts, and overalls fashioned in corduroy were popular in the early 90s. Vintage Ralph Lauren corduroy pants, or high waisted Lee corduroy pants, or LL Bean corduroy blazers, or any brand or organized team that was designing strap-back hats made a multi-colored corduroy cap.

90s fashion is accessible in the vintage clothing market due to its relatively new status as “vintage.” Along with the reality that a large percentage of current vintage shoppers and vintage clothing collectors/wearers grew up and were inspired by clothing in the 90s. Inspired by the clothing of the decade and their icons that wore the outfits, those people are now searching out the pieces of clothing they most revered in their earlier years. Creating a resurgence in 90s fashion trends and moving the vintage shopping market forward.

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